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August Law Group is about partnership, teamwork and collaboration.  We partner with our clients to accomplish their strategic and tactical business goals; we serve within the team of our clients’ trusted advisors to develop the best methods for achieving their objectives; and collaborate with our hand-picked network of specialty and local counsel in order to complete desired tasks whatever they are and wherever they may be.

ALG has several different ways in which we work with our clients, each one tailored to meet the client’s specific needs.  Most commonly, we serve our clients as their outside general counsel.  In that capacity, we are available to assist them with all of their legal requirements on an as-needed basis, acting as the general “intake” for needed contracts, regulatory questions, IP issues and legal disputes.  For any legal specialties which are not within our area of expertise, or in those countries and jurisdictions where local counsel is required, we will bring in qualified attorneys from within our network of trusted professionals with whom we have worked previously or otherwise personally vetted.

The outside general counsel model is often the easiest one for our clients to adopt, as it allows them to communicate with one single firm which then coordinates all other legal needs directly, rather than the client having to manage multiple lawyers at the same time.  We will also work with our clients on choosing the right payment plan for them, invoicing on an hourly or monthly retainer basis.

Sometimes, a client already is represented by competent counsel, but needs some specialized help on a specific transaction or other piece of work.  On those occasions, we work cooperatively with the client’s other counsel, adding value as a part of the complete legal team.

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