International Business And Finance

In recent years, the international law practice has represented as much as seventy percent (70%) of the business transactions handled by Mr. August.  As a service to our clients engaged in cross-border business and financial dealings, we will often assist them in identifying and communicating with potential joint venture, technology sharing, and financial partners in the United States and abroad. In our practice we represent both United States and foreign clients in a wide variety of transactions spanning the entire globe. In the past, this representation has included the full range of corporate and financial transactions, including mergers & acquisitions, strategic alliances, joint ventures, franchising, technology transfer, direct foreign investment, and securities listings and transactions.

As a boutique law firm specializing in international legal matters, we differentiate ourselves from other law firms by virtue of the number, level of sophistication and nature of the international transactions on which we have worked. We strive always to “think out of the box”, in order to provide creative legal solutions to our client’s corporate and financial objectives. Especially in the area of representing foreign clients engaging in business in the United States, or business abroad with US-based companies, our clients look to us for more than simply drafting documents. They depend upon us to be a part of the “team” assisting them with their varied business transactions and to provide recommendations on all manner of questions, ranging from the purely legal, to concerns about business cultures, custom and practice.

In today’s marketplace, our position as a small, highly-focused law firm permits us to handle client needs responsively and cost-effectively, and to assist clients as part of their team engaged in business ventures in or from the United States. Through our network of established relationships with businesses and service providers in a host of different sectors, we often are able to give clients strategic and truly value-added service, making their experiences in international business smoother and less harrowing than is sometimes the case.