Industry Sectors

At August Law Group, while our attorneys have worked over the years with virtually every kind of business, the majority of our background and expertise comes from working with clients in the following categories of business:


Over the past several years, our attorneys have spent a great deal of time working on transactions involving the joint development, financing, distribution and sale of technology products and services.  These clients are involved in a wide range of technology sectors, including telecommunications, pharma, medical device, biotechnology, computer science, advanced manufacturing, agricultural and energy-related technologies, as well as the private commercialization of government and university-sponsored technologies.  Our experience isn’t limited to high technology, however, and we have also assisted clients in areas of low technology manufacturing and distribution.

Many of ALG’s clients depend upon proprietary technologies among their core assets.  We work with clients to help them to protect and maximize the value of these technologies while engaging in the financing, strategic development and transfer of their intellectual property rights and trade secrets, as well as with licensing and other technology transfers as a means of revenue production.  We have assisted clients with the commercialization of technology rights innovated through governmental, university or other institutional laboratories through joint development, cooperative research, licensing and other transactions, as well as the purchase and sale of technology assets through direct transactions with private third parties.

Natural Resources

ALG has represented both US and foreign companies engaged in oil and gas drilling, transportation and refining operations, as well as mining, solar, wind, hydraulic, biomass, biofuel and other alternative energy activities.

Food and Wine

Over the years, ALG has worked with a variety of food related companies, including restaurant concepts, domestic and international distribution, franchising, licensing and technologies pertaining to food safety, cooking and agricultural production.  We have also represented companies engaged in the production and distribution of wine and spirits, including the launch of a domestic branded vodka product and a Mexican tequila line.


ALG has advised a variety of entertainment companies and individual artists on all aspects of corporate formation and governance, production, recording, publishing, distribution, licensing, financing and sales.  We have advised artists like the Grammy-winning sister act The Emotions to create a live theater production about their lives, assisted Haitian self-made rap artist Won-G in a variety of brand-enhancing activities, and worked on the financing of multiple feature-length films, recordings and live productions.  We have also helped companies innovating gaming and other new media technologies.

Litigation Support

In our litigation support practice, we work with attorneys engaged by a party in connection with an arbitration, mediation, litigation or other dispute resolution activities.  We provide expert assistance on complex issues involving the laws of corporations, limited liability companies and general and limited partnerships, corporate governance, state and federal securities law and regulation, financial transactions, mergers & acquisitions, breach of contract and breach of fiduciary duty.  In the last several years, we have provided our expert opinion as to such matters at arbitration, in litigation in federal and state courts, and in private mediation to resolve disputes.