Kenneth S. August, Esq. Lectures at ExporTechTM Inland Empire

  • 03 Apr 2024

August Law Group, P.C. Supports Export Promotion Program Sponsored by California Manufacturing Technology Consulting

Irvine, California, November 6, 2013. August Law Group today announced that Kenneth S. August, Esq., Founder and President of August Law Group, P.C., was a guest lecturer at Session 2 of the Claremont California ExporTechTM Program, held at the Claremont University Consortium Executive Conference Center, in Claremont, California.

The ExporTechTM Program is designed to help California companies create or expand their international exporting capabilities, providing information which manufacturers need to know to sell their products to markets overseas.  Each program is customized to the needs/interests of the participating manufacturers, and includes group seminars and one-on-one consulting.

Mr. August lectured the participating companies on important factors to consider when entering into international commercial agreements with distributors, manufacturers and sales organizations.  Among the factors discussed were the protection of intellectual property rights, strong confidentiality provisions, and alternative methods of dispute resolution.  At the request of the participating companies, Mr. August also addressed the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) in his remarks.

According to Mr. August, “The ExporTechTM Program provides crucial information and assistance to companies seeking to grow their businesses through new market entry overseas.  It is unfortunate that most US companies are not aware of the federal, state and private sector resources available to them to help construct a viable strategic plan for an international roll-out, and the opportunities for continued support once that commitment has been made.  Since an extremely large percentage of foreign exports are from small- and medium-sized enterprises (having 500 employees or less), access to this type of support can make all the difference in creating a successful launch.  ALG is extremely pleased to be invited to participate in this excellent Inland Empire resource.”

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